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The purveyor of this website came across the subject of Prohibition quite by accident. Having found the back story of prohibition so extremely fascinating, and the relevance toward the current discourse on marijuana (cannabis) creating the link between the subjects and this website just evolved.

Bob is your basic country boy who grew up in Camptown, PA learning the fine art of baling hay and milking cows – before his family moved to Endicott, NY, where he graduated from high school in 1962.

Bob retired in 2015 following a rather miraculous path of experiences and jobs spanning 35+ years from night watchmen to positions requiring global responsibility for security and privacy protection elements at IBM, MCI and EDS, followed by another 15 years as a security consultant.  With very limited formal education, Bob has been recognized as an outstanding leader and private Chief Security Officer, implementing compliance and risk mitigation efforts for business, academia and Department of Defense customers.

Bob pioneered the development of the first national integrated virtual electronic security management systems network and platform.  The network architecture and design became an industry prototype and was recognized at the time, as the most comprehensive, security system within private industry.

Bob has been recognized by the Aerospace Industries Association and the American Society of Industrial Security for his achievements in the advancement of private security and obtained a Certified Protection Professional designation.

All of which has led him to a conclusion that .0001% of the population uses smoke, mirrors, alternative facts, fake news, double speak, herd manifestations, untruths, greed, phallic opulence and spiritual extravagance, yes, religion at the core of their disdain and treatment over the rest of mankind.  The meek shall not inherit the earth.  How we’ve avoided total annihilation has to be some kind of super scientific anomaly.

Throughout his entire life, he naively and obediently drank the Kool-Aid.   Now, he is pontificating some of his wisdom [which has no bounds] while his entire family is on alert that his Lewy Body Dementia leads him astray.

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