The 18th Amendment of The United States Constitution was enacted to prohibit intoxicating beverages, and to regulate the manufacture, use, production, and sale of high-proof spirits for other than beverage purposes.


The Volstead Act provided for the enforcement and investigative authority to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, subject to the direction of the United States Attorney General.

This website is based on two significant topics relating to America’s “great social experiment” otherwise known as Prohibition. The first point is a historical overview of how prohibition evolved, who the major characters were, the growing religious furor, women’s rights, crime, power, corruption, greed, legislative control… and interesting enough, the many similarities to the current discourse on Cannabis.

The second point was a blatant in-your-face hypocrisy specifically created via the enforcement regulations known as the Volstead Act. The U.S. Treasury Department authorized certain licensed physicians to tenure medical prescription certificates to obtain liquor and alcoholic beverages from a licensed pharmacist. In essence, providing a respectable – and legal – process for the elites, politically connected and congressional leadership to get their booze without fear of arrest. One such authorized pharmacy, Siroda Pharmacy was conveniently located right between the White House and the U.S. Capitol grounds.


Saloons, boozers and the evils of high-proof spirits…GONE!

“Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.”

Mark Twain

Ring the Bells… Yes, Ring the Bells…

Hallelujah… Hallelujah…!!!

Clip from PBS film “Prohibition” by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick

Do-gooder’s of society marching onward rejoicing the new Act…

“A great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far reaching in purpose.”

President Hoover praising  the 18th Amendment

“When I sell liquor, it’s bootlegging –

When my patrons serve it on a silver tray on

Lakeshore Drive, it’s hospitality.”

Al Capone

oooops… What the hell is this…

Prohibition — Not Going According To Congressional Plan.

Chicago’s New First Family of Prohibition

Valentine’s Day Massacre

Time to start looking for the blame game

How Ironic..!!

Regulations, Prisons, Crime, Murder and Mayhem..!!

While the elite among us, got their booze from their local pharmacist.

The US Treasury Booze Catalog
The transaction logs

Quotes of the day…!

The American people have said that they do not want any liquor sold, and they have said it emphatically by passing almost unanimously the constitutional amendment.
Andrew Volstead

Congressional Representative

The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowed considerably by the Prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced.
Albert Einstein

Scientist & Theoretical Physicist

For myself, if booze ever comes back to the United States. I am through with manufacturing… I wouldn’t be interested in putting automobiles into the hands of a generation soggy with drink
Henry Ford

Founder Ford Motor Company

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